Patient Testimonials

Read and hear what Dr. Berenholz’s patients are saying:

“For years I was disappointed by my pelvic relaxation after having three children. I desperately needed surgery to remedy the situation but unfortunately I could not afford the funds. I finally called Dr. Berenholz’s office hoping to find a solution. It was at that time that Dr. Berenholz described a new technology one that I had never heard of called ThermiVa. He explained that this procedure was a fraction of the cost of surgery, involved no anesthesia, no pain, no risk and no downtime. I was a bit skeptical but came in for a consultation and began my therapy. Two months later I was literally shocked and surprised by the results.
Not only was my vaginal relaxation cured but I was no longer incontinent of urine which had been a long-standing problem. To make matters even better I noticed that I had heighten sensation during relations with my husband and for the first time had orgasms with sex. The best part was all of this was that the cost was less than half of what surgery would’ve cost and I never missed a moment of work or time with my children. I can’t thank the staff at Dr. Berenholz’s office enough. They were so supportive but most of all thank you Dr. Berenholz for being on the cutting edge of this new technology .I just hope I can share this with many other women who have limited funds but are desperately seeking solutions.”

“For many years I just assumed nothing was available. After giving birth to three children, things never felt quite the same. My gynecologist told me it was all a “normal” part of motherhood. Thanks to the Laser Vaginal Institute of Michigan, my life has changed.” A.B. Farmington Hills, Michigan

“I lead an active life. Whether it’s hiking, biking, jogging or simply laughing, I would lose urine. Things just felt “loose” down there. At my young age this was simply unacceptable. Who would have ever thought that a 1 1/2 hour procedure could change the looseness and cure the incontinence!” D.B. West Bloomfield, Michigan

“I am a 56-year-old Woman who had breast cancer three years ago and a subsequent mastectomy. I underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Unfortunately, I was menopausal and had all the symptoms that go along with that. Worst of the symptoms was my vaginal dryness. I was not a candidate for hormone replacement therapy because of my breast cancer and like so many other menopausal women I had dryness that prevented me from having relations with my husband. I consulted with Dr. Berenholz who told me about a new technology called Thermi Va. He explained that after a few treatments I should regain my lubrication. He was wrong. I regained my lubrication after the first treatment! I have now completed all three treatments over three months and my husband and I are once again enjoying a wonderful and normal sex life. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Berenholz.”